Our Story

Over the time people were divided by the answer to the question: What do you put first, the milk or the cereal? For us, the order doesn’t count. We embrace all the cereal lovers.

Cereal Crunch is the 1st Cereal Bar in Romania where you can find #ALLDAYBREAKFAST in a sweet and colorful way.

Over over 100 varieties of cereals (whole grains, without sugar, with fruit and chocolate flavors, peanut butter, hazelnuts or cinnamon), can be enjoyed with colored milk.

And, because we pay special attention to all the ingredients we use, we mention that milk is naturally colored and it does not influence the taste, texture or properties of milk. Or you could say it's magical and comes from unicorns.

All the variety of cereal, together with the 15 types of milk and the 10 types of toppings , urge you to try a new combination of flavors every time you come to us the cereal that you are having will always taste differently but look as colorful as every time.

The highlight of the story is that although Cereal Crunch sounds ideal for children, it is predestined for everyone. To those who love superheroes, because we also have their assortments of cereals. And to those who love the sunny Sunday mornings they want to relive daily.

To those who crave a specialty coffee.

And definitely for those who don't give up until they have a perfect picture of us in locations, because we have a #InstagramFriendly design..

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